Film: Reenactments, Gene Siskel Film Center, November 18

Information from our friends at the Gene Siskel Film Center:

1959-2010, Various directors, Poland/Romania/USA, ca. 75 min.
November 18, 6pm

“Artistic reenactments do not ask…what really happened…instead, they ask what the images we see might mean concretely to us.” —Inke Arns

Artistic reenactments do not aim to affirm or glorify the past, but rather to examine an event’s relevance in the present. They call into question our very understanding of this present–along with its social, political and cultural potential. This program, curated by artist and SAIC faculty member Irina Botea, proposes a trajectory of reenactment that cycles through highly mediated events and famous works of art, from a propaganda film made by the Romanian secret police in 1959 to Sharon Hayes’s Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) Screeds (2003), in which the artist attempts to recite from memory Patty Hearst’s infamous tapes to her parents after being kidnapped in 1974. Also featuring work by Ion Grigorescu, Ciprian Muresan, Mathew Paul Jinks, Kerry Tribe, and Artur Zmijewski, among others. Various formats. (Irina Botea)

Curator Irina Botea will be present for audience discussion.

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