Call for Papers: International Seminar “Georgia Republic: Previous Activities, Future Prospects”, Abstract Deadline November 2

The following message comes to CEERES from the Caucasus Studies Institute, University of Tehran:

International Seminar

Georgia Republic: Previous Activities, Future Prospects

5 December 2010, University of Tehran

The Republic of Georgia is an important country located in the southern Caucasus that has received attention internationally due to its large number of human resources, its strategic situation, as a junction point between the Caucasus and Europe, for having a high degree of capacity in goods transition and energy carriers, and for its economic growth in recent years. There are other reasons for Georgia becoming a principal focus in the region. There were military conflicts between Georgia and Russia in August 2008, the crisis in Abkhazia and South Ossetia is ongoing, and also because Georgia wanted to join NATO.

In order to investigate internal and external changes in Georgia, the Caucasia Studies Foundation of Tehran University with collaboration of some other Georgian Research institutes is going to inaugurate an international seminar called “Georgia: Previous Activities, Future Prospects”. This seminar will be held in Tehran University 5 December 2010. The most important subjects of this seminar are as follows:

Seminar Topics:

  • Georgian-Russian Ties; Conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia,
  • Georgian-US Ties; Effects on Caucasia,
  • Georgian-Azerbaijan Ties, Azerbaijani residents in Georgia and Georgian residents in Azerbaijan,
  • Georgian-Armenian Ties, Armenian residents in Georgia,
  • Georgian-Turkey Ties, Economic Relations and Convergence among Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan
  • Georgian-Iranian Ties, Political Interrelations and Economic-Cultural exchanges, Energy and Technical Collaborations,
  • Georgian-Ukrainian Ties, Existing Situation and Future Relations,
  • Georgian-Regional Organizations Ties (Society of Commonwealth Nations, Guam, Black Sea Organization for Economic Cooperation)
  • Georgian-UN Ties; Intercession processes in relation with Russia, Development of Democracy, Free Market,
  • Georgian Status in South Caucasia’s Economy, Culture and Diplomacy,
  • Security, Energy and Investment in Georgia,
  • Georgia and Transportation and Transit Corridors in Caucasia,
  • Internal Changes in Georgia regarding Presidential Election in 2013,
  • Investigating the membership processes of Georgia in NATO,
  • The Role of Islamic Republic of Iran in Solving South Caucasian Crisis.

To participate in this seminar please send an abstract, and a one page СV in Word format to the Seminar Secretariat by November 2, 2010. Acceptance notification will be sent to authors by July 18, and the full paper should be submitted to Seminar Secretariat before August 13, 2010.

Working Languages of the Seminar: Persian, Gerogian, Russian, English

Seminar will be held on  December 5, 2010 at University of Tehran

Abstract Submission Deadline: November 2, 2010

Acceptance Notification: November 11, 2010

Full Paper Submission Deadline: November 21, 2010

Electronic Address:

Secretariat Address:

  • Iran, Tehran, Valiasr St., West Zartosht St., No.56, Caucasus Studies Institute, University of Tehran

Tel: +98218899366-7, Fax: +982188956620 –


  • Caucasus Studies Institute
  • Some of Georgian Institutes
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