Undergraduate Spring Semester in Russia, a Collaboration with the IMARES Program; Deadline October 30

The following message comes to CEERES from the USSR-St.Petersburg (Undergraduate Spring Semester in Russia) Program:
30 October 2010 – USSR deadline

Visit: http://www.eu.spb.ru/semester
(Please respond to Sergey Erofeev at erofeev@eu.spb.ru)

We are happy to announce that following the successful experience of RSSA (Russian Studies Semester Abroad) the European University at St. Petersburg will repeat this program from 1 February 2011.  It has been rebranded USSR (Undergraduate Spring Semester in Russia) and will be delivered to advanced undergraduates.  As a BA study abroad module, USSR is finely tuned to the needs of undergrads.  At the same time, it also brings the benefits of collaborating with the famous IMARES program (http://www.eu.spb.ru/imares)

– Ideal for those who at the undergraduate level are seriously planning careers in relation to Russian and Eurasian affairs

-The program draws upon the resources of IMARES, the internationally renowned Master’s program in Russian and Eurasian Studies (www.eu.spb.ru/imares)

-Professional academic training plus diverse personal experience of Russian society

-Courses include on-site classes in cultural and historical venues of Saint Petersburg, an international cultural hub

Workload and Credits:

-Semester of 13 weeks, from 12 to 24 class hours per week

-The choice of 3 to 5 courses corresponding to 18 to 30 ECTS credits (9 to 15 US credits).

-Each subject course carries 6 ECTS credits (3 US credits) and is taught for 4 academic hours per week plus homework.

-Delivered through lectures and seminar sessions for which home reading is assigned, each course involves submitting one or two essays.

-Russian language is taught for 8 hours per week in groups corresponding to proficiency level. The course carries 12 ECTS credits (6 US credits).

USSR Courses
-History of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union
-Russian Art from Icon to the Avant-garde
-Russian Society, Media and Culture
-Post-Soviet Political and Economic Transition
-Russian language


EUSP provides visa and registration support. It also helps to house international students in Russian families or to rent separate apartments. Students use the library, computer facilities and other university services. More information on EUSP student life: www.eu.spb.ru/StudentLife.

The applicants to USSR (St. Petersburg) are expected to excel in their BA study at their home institution in one or more disciplines from a wide range of humanities, area/cultural studies or social sciences: from linguistics to history, from art history to journalism and from philosophy to sociology. There is no Russian language prerequisite as the main curriculum is
taught in English.


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