Call for Papers: The Anthropology of Europe Workshop at UChicago

The Anthropology of Europe Workshop invites your participation in our AY 2010-2011 series of discussions. We welcome your presence, whether in the form of attending our meetings, or presenting your works (final or in progress) – dissertation chapters, conference papers, and other pieces of writing.  This will surely be a very productive and illuminating year of sessions around Europe and all that might fall under this designation of geo-political area.

Specifically, this workshop explores current research in the anthropology of Europe and treats ongoing ethnographic fieldwork—local, regional, national, and transnational—in all areas of Europe.  While the Workshop focuses on anthropological approaches, it also draws insights from history, sociology, and cultural studies, inviting participants from these and other disciplines.

The schedule has not yet been finalized for the year, but we anticipate meeting Thursday afternoons, twice per month for all three quarters.

If interested, please email Shirley Yeung ( and/or Natalja Czarnecki ( with your potential paper topics and estimated time lines.

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