“Incised, Bitten, and Gouged” Printmaking Exhibit at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, July 30-September 12

Please find a message from the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art below:

Opening Reception Friday July 30, 6-9pm

Incised, Bitten and Gouged:

Anchor Graphics & Chicago Printmakers Collaborative
20 Years of Printmaking
July 30 – September 12, 2010

at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

Incised, Bitten and Gouged, three printmaking terminologies, alludes to the numerous printmaking techniques represented in this group exhibition.  Artists from CPC and Anchor Graphics will show works made in intaglio, silkscreen, embossment, woodcut, lithography and various innovations on traditional printmaking techniques.

For a little over two decades, CPC and Anchor Graphics have stood as two of the central printmaking institutions in Chicago.  Both provide a nurturing collaborative work environment, as well as access to the spectrum of equipment and materials necessary to the various printmaking techniques.  Lincoln Square’s Chicago Printmakers Collaborative was founded by Deborah Maris Lader in 1989 as a studio workspace for artist-printmakers to ‘pursue their work and broaden their knowledge of printmaking media’.  What began as studio space has since expanded its activities to holding exhibitions, and offering workshops and classes to the public.  CPC is composed of over 100 members from 14 different countries, working in intaglio, lithography, relief, monotype, screen print, and photo processes.  In recognition of CPC’s innovation and significance among Chicago arts organizations, Lader was recently awarded the Columbia College Chicago Paul Berger Arts Entrepreneurship Award.

Anchor Graphics was founded the year prior to CPC, and was established as an independent non-profit in 1990, with the mission of providing printmaking facilities and studio space, and educational opportunities to young people and professional artists.    It has initiated a multitude of partnerships with local arts, educational and social organizations, strengthening its ability to fulfill its mission of education and public access to printmaking arts.  Since 2006, Anchor Graphics has been partnered with Columbia College Chicago, operating out of an on-campus facility.  This partnership serves both the school and Anchor Graphics by providing academic internship opportunities, collaborative projects, classes and a platform for visiting artists and lecturers from across the country.

Incised, Bitten and Gouged offers a terrific opportunity to survey the recent creative outpouring from two of Chicago’s acclaimed printmaking collaborative studios.

Artists in the exhibition

Chicago Printmakers Collaborative: Deborah Maris Lader, Tony Fitzpatrick, Hiroshi Ariyama, Alex Chitty, Carlos Cortez, Christine Gendre Bergere, Michael Goro, Dan Grezeca, John Himmelfarb, Elise Hughes, Carrie Iverson, Kim Laurel, Alan Lerner, Duffy O’Conner, Dennis O’Malley, Mary O’Shaughnessy, Artemio Rodriguez, Jeff Sippel, Megan Sterling, Anatole Upart, Charlie Can Gilder.

Anchor Graphics: Ed Paschke, Hollis Sigler, Karl Wirsum, Ian Weaver, Fred Stonehouse, Brian Sikes, Louise LeBourgeois, Teresa James, Steve Heyman, Eleanor Spiess-Feris, Steve Campbell, Andries Botha, Paola Boncinelli, Eric Avery, Roland Kulla, Nicholas Sistler, Tim Dooley & Aaron Wilson, Nicholas Conbere, Michael Barnes, Anne Muntges.

Above Image: Christine Gendre Bergere. The Cat of Apollinaire, 2009. Etching, 12 x 18 in.

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