Applications to Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe (MIREES), Deadline September 15

The next deadline for applications from EU citizens to the two-year Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe (MIREES) is September 15th, 2010.

This program was launched some years ago by the University of Bologna, Italy together with the Vytautas Magnus University at Kaunas; Corvinus University of Budapest; and St Petersburg State University, which awards a joint diploma. The University of Ljubljana is an associate partner that offers additional possibilities for students.

The program is taught entirely in English (120 ECTS) and MIREES students will spend the first year in Forlì (one of the five campuses of the University of Bologna), while in the second year a minimum of 5 months will be spent at Partner Universities (including Ljubljana) and, in particular cases, at other MIREES Associated Universities in the Balkans. A mobility grant is offered to all enrolled students.

More detailed information on the teaching plan and the Faculty, together with the application form, can be found at our web site:

The program is especially recommended for prospective PhD students. The best alumni are currently attending doctorate programmes at the Universities of Oxford, Kent, the New School in New York and other prestigious international academic institutions. Moreover, the program is designed to forge analysts, area experts, consultants and mediators, to meet the needs of research institutes, the European Commission, international agencies, voluntary organizations and NGOs, public administration, managers, corporations and banks located in East-Central Europe and the Balkans or promoting investments in these regions. Most of the alumni have found employment precisely in these fields.

The MIREES program offers specialized, in-depth knowledge of the post-socialist countries in transition, the new EU member states, and the new East-European neighbour countries to students with a BA in Economics, Politics, International Relations, History, Languages (and Slavic languages in particular), agricultural studies and cultural studies generally.

The program aims to develop language skills. MIREES offers courses in Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Bulgarian, Russian, and Slovak (Hungarian and Lithuanian are also available in the 2nd year), as well as Italian for foreigners as an additional option. The curriculum stresses interdisciplinary studies in the economics of transition; politics and international relations; history and cultural studies focused on Central, Eastern Europe and the Balkans. The international dimension of the program is enhanced through student mobility, by an international faculty composed of prominent scholars of international repute, and a genuinely international student body. (In the previous cycles we enrolled students from 21 countries including the US, Mexico, Russia, Georgia, Estonia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, Albania, Poland, Armenia, Norway, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Slovak Republic, Finland and, of course, Italy.)

The promotional flyer (found at this address) briefly covers all the general aspects of the program, as well as the mission and the profile of the Master of Arts.

Should you need further information, please feel free to contact the Tutor of the course at facscpol-fo.tutormirees@unibo.itor the Faculty Student Office (, phone +39.0543.374100).

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