Call for Papers: VESTNIK, the Journal of Russian and Asian Studies, Deadline: August 15

The School of Russian and Asian Studies is proud to say:
VESTNIK, the Journal of Russian and Asian Studies, is announcing its return to the academic world.

VESTNIK, the world’s first online journal focused on showcasing student research on Eurasia, has been on hiatus for more than two years. However, its editorial staff has again assembled to continue this fascinating and much-needed work.

We now welcome and invite papers written by undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates. Research on any subject is accepted – politics, literature, art, history, linguistics, etc. If you have written solid research in the last year, send it to

Deadline for submissions for the next issue: Aug 15, 2010

VESTNIK has been created by The School of Russian and Asian Studies in an effort to effectively encourage the study of Russia and those states formerly a part of the Soviet Union.  VESTNIK is a scholarly journal which publishes the best in undergraduate and graduate research on any subject of relevance to that geographic region.

VESTNIK is designed to showcase exceptional work by students of all levels, subjects, and backgrounds who are researching and writing about Russia or those states formerly a part of the Soviet Union. If you are interested in submitting material for future issues, have students that should be encouraged to publish, or would like to participate on our editorial staff, contact us at All subjects related to Russia and the FSU will be considered. Submitted papers should include, at the top of the first page, the applicant’s name, major, class standing, and a brief description of his/her future plans. Submissions should not be more than 25 pages (longer submission will be accepted, but may be edited for length), should be in 12-point TNR type with one-inch margins, and in electronic format (MS Word). Since we are dealing with diverse subjects, we will accept MLA, ALA and Chicago formats.

You can find past issues of Vestnik, as well as more information about the publication, here:

For a free subscription to VESTNIK, send an email to with the words “Subscribe VESTNIK” in the title or body of the letter.

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