Screening of Georgian film “Brigands: Chapter VII” (Otar Iosseliani), May 20

Brigands: Chapter VII

A film by Otar Iosseliani

An excerpt from a New York Times Review:

In a little more than two hours, ”Brigands” moves from the streets of a city in the midst of civil war where rooftop snipers render God-like judgment on the innocents below to an ancient kingdom where a bellicose ruler locks his wife into chastity armor before leaving for war. The film spends time in the heyday of Communism, when a policeman allows his schoolboy son to witness workaday torture, and in today’s Paris, where wealthy arms dealers gamble, drink and consort with women of easy virtue.

In the civil war sequences, Mr. Iosseliani brings out the hopelessness of daily life conducted in the midst of arbitrary death. In the ancient kingdom, where the king’s wife is given a key to the chastity armor the moment he rides off, bedroom comedy mingles with lethal revenge.

Full review here.

The total run time is a little over two hours. Refreshments will be served.

Time: 5-7pm, Thursday, May 20.
Location: Cobb 218 (5811 S. Ellis Avenue)

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