Small Grants Competition for Supervised Undergraduate Research (Environmental Studies), Deadline: May 14

Announcing the Environmental Studies Program’s
Small Grants Competition for Supervised Undergraduate Research 2010-2011
The Program on the Global Environment invites proposals from faculty and researchers in any discipline related to Environmental Studies for grants of up to $2,500 for research that incorporates participation by Environmental Studies undergraduate majors or minors during 2010-2011. Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary program that draws on the strengths of the University of Chicago to address human interaction with the natural world. The B.A. program combines specialized course work in the social and natural sciences with broad-based distribution requirements to prepare students to understand and address complex environmental issues.
We welcome proposals for projects that address environmental topics including but not limited to environmental economics and policy, development, globalization, environmental history, landscape studies and human ecology, and environmental ethics, philosophy, and representation.
These grants are designed fund supervised undergraduate participation in on-campus research that includes or create opportunities for an undergraduate student to 1) participate in the collection and analysis of data, 2) contribute to research design, and 3) participate in the professional presentation of results.  In the ideal case, opportunities for undergraduate B.A. thesis work would be included in the project.
Proposals must include a 1) two page description of the proposed research project,  2) an itemized budget, 3) a one page explanation of the role, responsibilities, and desired qualifications of the undergraduate participant. To apply, you should submit items 1-5, above, to Dean Clason, Pick 101, by Friday, May 14, 2010.
The proposals will be evaluated by Environmental Studies faculty.  Consult for program information.
All inquiries should be addressed to Dean Clason, Pick 101, phone: 773.702.7721, e-mail:

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