Easter Egg Decorating Lecture, Polish Museum of America, March 19

*Easter Egg Decorating Lecture *

7:00 p.m. March 19, 2010 at the Polish Museum of America

984 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Chicago, IL. 60642

Many people are often familiar with egg decoration that reflects a particular ethnic group. This lecture will present some of the more popular forms of Ritualistic Egg Decorating, and some less so, as practiced not only in Poland, but by it’s neighbors, and those cultures surrounding them. This is a deep, yet rich folk tradition that is shared by Slavs, and non Slavs alike in this part of Europe, that predates Christianity, and one will get a chance to glimpse, and explore the unique and interesting ways that these eggs have been decorated over centuries. Also during this time some of the history, folk legends, and traditions that revolve around the decorated egg, will be addressed. This is a rare opportunity for the senses to experience the myriad of colors, patterns, intricacy, or simplicity that makes these eggs so special. It is believed that one will walk away with a greater understanding, that makes these so very much more than just decorated eggs, and how it relates to the Springtime/ Easter holiday which has held such a special place in our hearts.
*/Note: No part of this lecture may be recorded by any means./

*Admission: $5.00*


Background of the speaker:

*Arnie Klein*, a traditional folk artist, has been decorating eggs for the last 48 years. His work has been primarily the wax resist/ batik method of Pisanki, but additionally he has researched, studied, and put into practice numerous other techniques of egg decoration that are both traditional and non traditional, as practiced in Central Europe. These decorating techniques are reflective of Poland as well as such places as, Ukraine, The Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, and Bulgaria, to name a few. Some of these techniques are, Linear Batik, Drop pull, Wax relief, Scratch Work, Acid Etched, as well as numerous others. Mr. Klein has been recognized as a, “Folk Artist”, by numerous institutions, museums, associations, and organizations, as well as for his continual work on the folk traditions of Central Europe, and the Diaspora. He has also been a participant in a large variety of presentations, and festivals of folk culture such as Michigan’s, “Who’s Story”, The Smithsonian Institute’s, “Festival Of American Folk Life”, as well as many such festivals throughout North America, and Europe. Additionally, he has given lectures, presentations, and exhibitions, on The Ritualistic Egg Decorating Traditions, Embroidery and Textile Traditions, and other Folk Life topics. Mr. Klein grew up in Hamtramck, Michigan, which has been know for it’s huge population of Polish émigrés, and other ethnic groups settling in Hamtramck, and the surrounding Detroit area, during the early part of the previous century, and beyond.

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