Bard-Smolny Study Abroad and Summer Program Deadlines Approaching

Bard-Smolny Study Abroad Program
Designed to meet the needs of students who have two or more years of college-level Russian (including heritage speakers), the Bard-Smolny Program in St. Petersburg offers an academically rich environment for students from North American colleges and universities wishing to study in Russia for a semester or for the full academic year.  Students enroll side-by-side with Russian students in classes at Smolny College, the first liberal arts college in Russia.  The Bard-Smolny Program enables students to advance their level of language competency in our Russian as a Second Language (RSL) program while simultaneously taking other academic courses that meet requirements for their B.A. degree at their home college or university.  Smolny College offers courses in 20 academic areas including: art history and architecture; international relations, political studies and human rights; literature, music and performing arts; and sociology and anthropology.

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Summer Language Intensive (SLI)
The Bard-Smolny Summer Language Intensive (SLI) provides challenging courses for students who have completed between two and six semesters of college-level Russian.  Students who enroll in the 4-week program will work on solidifying language concepts already covered while improving language skills.  The 8-week program is the equivalent of one year of Russian at a North American institution.  Language is taught in conjunction with our cultural program, which integrates academic experience with a real feel for the the city of St. Petersburg.  Coursework for upper-level students includes a thematic workshop that focuses on language learning through content-specific instruction such as Russian politics, literature and art history.

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Application Deadlines

March 1               Summer Language Intensive (SLI)
April 1                  Fall Semester / Academic Year
October 1st          Spring Semester

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