“Linking the Planet” Summer Russian Language Camp, Novosibirsk

A message to those interested in studying Russian in Russia this summer:

We would like to invite you, your students and colleagues to come and
participate in the “Linking the Planet” Summer Language Camp that our
Educational Centre “Cosmopolitan” will be running in four consecutive
two-week sessions during the summer of 2010 in delightful countryside just
outside Novosibirsk, the administrative capital of Siberia and the centre of
Russia. There are still several vacancies available and this is an excellent
opportunity that is not to be missed.

Being comprehensive and unique, and offering very competitive prices, our
program will be an attractive option for your students whom we invite to
participate as volunteer teachers or as international students of the
Russian course. The program is open to schoolchildren, university students
and adults of all ages and levels of Russian.
No previous knowledge of
Russian is required. Please help us spread the word about our program to
your students and colleagues. Thanks for your support!

The program is unique in bringing volunteer teachers and international
students from all over the world to Siberia to live, work and study in a
residential setting with Russian students and teachers. This is an excellent
opportunity to learn Russian and get a first-hand experience of the Russian culture and lifestyle.

This structured residential system seeks to develop language, social,
communicative, educational, cultural and health-promoting skills to all participants in an
interesting way according to age and ability.

The aims of this comprehensive program are achieved  through the use of
role-play, creativity workshops, exciting cultural and social activities,
and excursions, which, in addition to the structured lessons, more than
provide for a truly unique and beneficial experience which is not to be

We have been running these programs for fifteen years already. For the past
years volunteer teachers from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, China,
Denmark, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Hong Kong,
India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Singapore,
Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, the United States of America, as well as university
students and school children from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Greece,
Sweden, Switzerland and Ecuador have participated in our summer and winter
language camp programs.

It is a fact that many students and teachers return to the program year
after year as a testament to the success of the program.

For more information on the programs and to read about our former
participants’ experiences, please visit our website http://cosmo-nsk.com/

* Have you always wanted to add some meaning to an overseas adventure?
* Do you want a new, challenging experience?
* Do you like to meet people from other countries and get your energy from
working towards a goal as part of a team?
* Are you willing to gain experience, improve communication abilities, and
develop skills that will help in your future employment?
* Have you ever daydreamed about gaining insight into the Russian culture
and life in a way no traveler could?

If ‘yes’ is the answer, our program is the best way for you to spend your
summer vacation! Please contact Natalia Bodrova
(cosmopolitan@rinet.su or cosmoschool2@mail.ru) with any questions or
application inquiries.


Natalia Bodrova,
Director of the Educational Centre “Cosmopolitan”,
Novosibirsk, Russia

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