Arabic, Turkish, and Persian Immersion at UW-Madison, Final Deadline*: May 31

JUNE 12, 2010 – AUGUST 7, 2010
Spend the summer at UW-Madison learning
Arabic, Persian, or Turkish and studying the
history and cultures of these beautiful
languages! This unique program offers eight
weeks of language instruction with top
professors and native speakers.

$6,500 (includes tuition, room, board, and fees)

Choose one of eight course sequences (8 credits/sequence)

Basic Arabic, Intermediate Arabic, Advanced Arabic,
Basic Persian, Intermediate Persian, Advanced Persian,
Basic Turkish, Intermediate Turkish

Applications and more details available at:

*Applications submitted after February 1, 2010 will incur a $25.00 application fee. Applications submitted after April 30, 2010 will incur a $100.00 application fee. No applications will be accepted after May 31, 2010.

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