Call for Papers: “Transitional Justice and Reconciliation,” The Review of International Affairs, Deadline: March 31

Call for Papers

The Review of International Affairs, a reviewed and renowned International
Relations Journal published since 1951 by the Institute of
International Politics and Economics together with the Transitional Justice
Program of the Foundation for European Studies ( issue the
following call for a special edition on:

“Transitional Justice and Reconciliation”

In this special issue, we would like to focus on the link between
different transitional justice schemes, ranging from vetting procedures to national trials, truth commissions
and international tribunals and post-conflict stabilization and reconciliation between formerly
conflicted groups and/or states.

We encourage researchers from various disciplines, history, philosophy,
social psychology, political science, anthropology, law and International Relations to
submit papers dealing with case studies, comparative approaches and theoretical topics. We particularly welcome
empirical studies on ICTY and ICTR.

Papers should be between 8000 and 12000 words long, double spaced,
using Times New Roman font size 12. All papers should include a 100
word abstract and keywords. Full references should be given in
footnotes, in the following order: full name and surname of the
author, title of article in double quotes, title of journal in
italics, vol., no., pp range separated by an end dash. When referring
to books the full name of the author(s) should be followed by the book
title in italics, publisher, place and year of publication. Edited
volumes should be marked by an (ed.) between the name of the editor
and the title of the book or (eds) without a dot where there are
several editors.

A separate list of quoted literature should also be given at the end
of the paper.

The first page of the paper should contain only the title. The full
name and institutional affiliation of the author should be given on a
separate page to facilitate blind revieweing.

Articles should reach the editor by the end of March 2010. They should be
sent by electronic mail to: Mina Zirojevic, Editor-in-Chief, The
Review of International Affairs, Institute of International Politics
and Economics, 25 Makedonska St., Belgrade 11 000, Serbia. Email:

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