Fulbright/mtvU Award Competition Reopened, UChicago Deadline: February 9

Fulbright/mtvU Award Competition Reopened


The Fulbright/mtvU competition has been reopened.  Graduate students’ applications must be submitted by the UChicago internal deadline of FEBRUARY 9 at 4:00 p.m. in order to be reviewed and processed by Chicago’s Fulbright Program Advisor, Brooke Noonan, Graduate Student Affairs, before the agency’s deadline of March 1.  Students who are interested in applying should review the following criteria and contact Brooke Noonan right away for one-on-one advising:

  • WHO?  U.S. citizens
  • WHAT?  Supports research around an aspect of international contemporary or popular music as a cultural force for expression and mutual understanding
  • WHEN? 9-12 mos of research, beginning no sooner than July 2010 and no later than March 2011 (generally)
  • WHERE?  Almost any country with a U.S. diplomatic presence (see “Participating Countries” at https://us.fulbrightonline.org/program_regions_world.html)
  • WHY?  Dissertation research, independent project, coursework
  • HOW?  Apply through UChicago’s Fulbright Program Advisor, Brooke Noonan whom you can contact at brookec@uchicago.edu for details on the application which includes:
    • Project statement (1-2 pp)
    • Personal statement (1 p)
    • Letters of academic reference (x3)
    • Foreign Language evaluation (if relevant)
    • Official transcripts (undergraduate and graduate)
    • Letters of affiliation/invitation from host country

NOTE: students who have already submitted an application for the Fulbright IIE U.S. Student Program are ineligible to apply for the mtvU Award.

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