Language Variation and Change Workshop: “Balkan Sprachbund Features in Samsun Albanian,” December 7

Kelly Maynard (CEERES) presenting.

“Balkan Sprachbund features in Samsun Albanian”

Since Kopitar (1829), Miklosich (1866), and especially Sandfeld (1926/1930) it has been well known in linguistic circles that the Balkan languages share many linguistic features not due to their genetic inheritance as Indo-European languages. This phenomenon is often referred to as the Balkan Sprachbund. Modern linguists believe these structural similarities have risen through convergence, and emphasize that these features arise at the level of the speech community and spread via dialect contact. Thus, there is much interest in exposing the convergence features found in any given variety of the languages which participate. Albanian is one such language. In this paper, I will explain eleven of the most widely accepted features of the Balkan Sprachbund and provide evidence which demonstrates the presence or absence of each feature in Samsun Albanian.

Time: 3:30pm, December 7. Location: Harper 130 (1116 E. 59th St.)

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