TUTA Theatre Chicago: Invitation to “Engagement Party,” November 15

TUTA Theatre Chicago is excited to invite you – friends and strangers — to its upcoming celebration of The Wedding and its whole new season of engaging entertainment.

The evening will feature drinks, wedding-themed games — for the married and unmarried alike! — and the chance to informally meet members of TUTA. The event will entertain you while helping to support TUTA, via a recession-friendly $20 admission at the door.

What: An “Engagement Party” featuring drinks, wedding-themed parlor games, and a chance to meet our actors in an informal setting, all for $20

When: Sunday, November 15, 2009, 7pm.

Where: The Spot, 4437 N. Broadway, Chicago (easily accessible via Wilson Red Line stop and #78 Montrose, #36 Broadway buses – and since you’ll be drinking and the parking can be difficult, you should really consider this option.)

Why: A portion of the proceeds will benefit TUTA, a theatre company known for marrying cultures, time periods and artistic expressions of all kinds.

Site: http://www.tutato.com/blog/were-engaged-join-us

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