Collegium Civitas: Summer Internship Opportunities in Warsaw, Deadline: April 20

Collegium Civitas is now accepting applications from North American undergraduate and graduate students for the 2010 summer internships (June 1 – July 31). We partner with Warsaw-based organizations seeking ambitious, open-minded, and talented interns. Our unique program offers solid professional experience, optional summer school classes, and many cultural and social events.  If you would like to spend summer 2010 in a dynamic and attractive city, and participate in an interesting and challenging internship, you’ve come to the right place.  Explore the companies on our website, and drop us a line.  If you do not see an institution matching your interests and abilities, we can help.  A professional internship coordinated by Collegium Civitas will make next year’s summer a memorable experience. Internships are in English.

To ensure the quality of your experience, we work closely with your internship mentor at an organization of your choice.  Our staff oversees your placement and progress.  We match the expectations of both parties involved, and monitor the internship throughout its length.  We invite you to peruse our website, and to read about other students’ experiences firsthand.

You do not have to speak Polish to be successful in Warsaw; all our partnering organizations speak English.  While there are no requirements for our program’s participants to speak Polish, we teach it to all interested students to ensure they have greater access to Polish culture, and feel at home while in Warsaw. You can also gain extra academic credits while in the internship program.  Collegium Civitas offers summer school courses in political science, history, sociology and cultural studies.  In most cases, students in our internship program choose to enroll for academic credit, and we finalize the credits’ transfer.

Being a small, private university, Collegium is dedicated to the wellbeing and continuous support of its students.  Join us for summer 2010, and become a member of our community. From the moment you express interest in our program ‘till your departure from Warsaw, we are here to provide support, counsel and company.

To learn more, you can visit our website, and drop us an email with your questions at We invite you as well to visit our US partner’s web-site to learn more about the application process:

Civitas International Professional Internship Programs have a rolling admission policy. Interested students are encouraged to submit their applications no later than April 20, 2010.

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