Russian Language and Culture Program at the Russian Language Institute, Moscow


Moscow has a unique variety of options to offer to students interested in
science, humanities, culture, arts, politics and religion. The program,
which can be taken either in the fall or spring semesters, or as a summer
study away, appeals specifically to students keen on the Russian literature,
theater, music, icons, as well as those who wish to concentrate on language
study, history, or social issues. Structured with extreme flexibility, the
program exposes students to the Russian language, culture, history, art,
folklore, and social life through an intensive Russian course available at
all levels, folklore expeditions available on request (summer and winter),
as well as through individual seminars on a variety of topics, individually
tailored internships in charity, education, or human rights, and a choice of
apprenticeships ranging from church bell-ringing and icon-painting to
theatrical scenery-making.

Students take an intensive course of Russian appropriate to their level and
incorporating four components – Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Speech
The students can choose one individual research seminar from a curriculum
spanning humanities, history, and politics, or apply for a course in
literature, folklore or linguistics specifically tailored to their
particular area of interest (for a full list of courses, please see the
program site):
– Russian literature of the XIX century
– Russian literature of the XX century
– From Perestroika to the Modern Russia
– Contemporary folklore of different ethnicities in Russia
– Russian through the Mirror of Contemporary Language and Folklore
The students can enroll in any of the available apprenticeships:
– Icon painting
– Church choral singing
– Music
– Theater (acting, singing, dance, workshops) – available in the summer
The students can opt for a folklore expedition (available in July and
– Expedition – study of folklore, ethnography, social issues, rituals

The students can take a free non-credited internship at a children’s
hospital or a human rights organization


Upon completion of the program the students receive certificates from the
Russian Language Institute, and (if applicable) from the theater “School of
Dramatic Art”.


Students must be at least 18 years old to apply. The application materials,
outlined below, must be received by e-mail no later than November 31 for
Spring program, no later than March 31 for Summer program, no later than
June 31 for Fall program
– an application form (available on request)
– a statement describing interest in the program, relevant course work
(Russian language knowledge is not a prerequisite for some study options)
and the program options to be pursued (individual seminar, apprenticeship,

The cost of the program is calculated individually based on the options that
students select and on the length of their stay. For costs, please refer to
Valentina Apresjan at valentina.apresjan [at]


While in Moscow, students are housed in conveniently located home stays with
Russian families. Students are provided with their own bedroom in an
apartment they share with their hosts. They have free access to bathrooms,
kitchen facilities and laundry washers. Some apartments have access to
wireless internet for a small additional fee. Meals are not included.

For additional information, please contact Valentina Apresjan, Russian
Language Institute, at valentina.apresjan [at] Please also see Russian
Language Institute site at, and the Program site at

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