Global Youth Connect, Summer 2010 International Human Rights Delegation to Bosnia, Deadline: January 10

Global Youth Connect Human Rights Delegation to Bosnia — June 23 – July 13, 2010

Global Youth Connect, an international human rights organization, is pleased to announce that we are currently accepting applications from young leaders (ages 18-30) for our Summer 2010 international  human rights delegation to Bosnia.

GYC’s human rights delegations are a unique, first-hand opportunity to cross cultural boundaries and learn about the daily reality of human rights as experienced in a complex and increasingly globalized world.  Each delegation weaves together three core sets of activities: a human rights training workshop with local youth activists, site visits to local organizations, and hands-on fieldwork projects.

This delegation to Bosnia will explore the roots of the conflict and the dynamics of justice, reconciliation and peacebuilding as experienced in Bosnia fifteen years after the major conflict in Europe ended with the Dayton Peace Accords.  Participants will gain experience in conflict resolution and transformation and deepen their understanding of the post-conflict challenges faced by Bosnians today, especially youth.  Participants will have an opportunity to meet with Bosnian NGOs working on issues of human rights, community development, youth empowerment, and conflict resolution.  The program will also include a workshop with Bosnian youth and the opportunity to work hands-on with several local organizations to assist them in their daily activities. For more information, see below, and please contact Miki Jacevic, Bosnia program director at with any questions.
Program Tuition:  $2,500

Application Deadline:      January 10, 2010 with rolling admissions until December 20 for up to half of the delegation.

How to Apply: Visit www. and Download an application at  www.globalyouthconnect. org/ Bosnia June 2010 Application.doc

We invite interested young leaders to apply.  We are looking for participants who are between the ages of 18-30 and who possess U.S. citizenship or residency as well as international students studying full-time at a U.S. college or university.  Most importantly, applicants should wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of human rights and social justice.  Participants will become part of a growing global movement of youth acting together for compassion, human rights and responsibility.

For detailed information on program activities, costs, fundraising/financial aid, and application information, please visit:www.globalyouthconnect. org/ Bosnia June 2010 Application.doc

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