Symposium “Russian Literature in the World Cultural Context”

The III International Symposium «Russian Literature in the World Cultural Context» will be held in Moscow December 18–21, 2009. The forum is organized by the Dostoevsky Fund together with A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature, Institute of Russian Literature (The Pushkin House), V.V. Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language, A.M. Gorky Literary Institute and Russian PEN-center.

The symposium will have plenary sessions, workshops and roundtable discussions on the following topics:

-Russian language as a means of world communication

-Poetics of literary text: theoretical and applied aspects

-Religious-philosophical quest of Russian literature

-F.M. Dostoevsky in contemporary world

-L.N. Tolstoy in Russian and world artistic consciousness

-Russian and world literary avant-garde

-Russia – West – East in the dialogue of cultures

-Challenges of literary translation

-Experience of Soviet civilization: its literary dimension

-Russia in post-Soviet space: historical and literary aspects

-New challenges and contemporary literature

-Young researchers panel

We invite scholars (philologists, linguists, historians, philosophers, cultural study researchers, etc.), writers, and translators from Russia, countries of former USSR as well as from other countries. Proposals of broader, generalizing nature, including previous research projects, would be given preference.

All interested in participation should send their application form (either by regular mail
or by e-mail) as well as submit an electronic version of the proposal (up to 250 words, ready for publication) or propose topic for a round-table discussion. The deadline for submission is October 15.

Accommodation will be provided for the participants whose proposals are accepted by the organization committee (within the established limit). Funding to cover travel expenses is provided for the participants from the former USSR (within the established limit). Also included: visa support, cultural program, and a book exhibition/fair; results of the forum are expected to be published in a volume of the conference materials.

Hotline: +7 (916) 380-47-72

Mail: Russia 117418, Moscow, Dostoevsky Fund, poste restante

Please look for the announcements on the website!

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