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Hakan Karateke enjoys working in the areas of Ottoman philology, epigraphy and codicology and alternating between the exciting realms of philology and history. He sees it as one of his primary tasks as a teacher to familiarize students with the methodology of approaching a text — how to interpret it, how to place texts into a larger context, how to penetrate the author’s mind, how to reconstruct his world and mindset, and how to find more information and guess appropriately, if necessary, as to the author’s social and scholarly references. His current project is entitled Ottoman Turkish: The Social History of a Language and it seeks to establish a narrative of the history of the Ottoman Turkish language by exploring and reconstructing the changing perceptions of the Turkish language over several centuries, as held by speakers living primarily in the Ottoman domains. He is also the co-editor of the online encyclopedic project Historians of the Ottoman Empire and the co-editor of the Database for Ottoman Inscriptions.



Past courses

TURK 30501. Ottoman Turkish 1. Autumn 2011.

TURK 30502. Ottoman Turkish 2. Winter 2010.

TURK 30503. Ottoman Turkish 3. Spring 2010.

TURK 40510. The Ottomans on Death. Winter 2010.

TURK 40515. Introduction to Ottoman Epigraphy. Autumn 2010.

TURK 40584. Late Ottoman Paleography. Autumn 2009.

TURK 40586. Advanced Ottoman Reading 1. Autumn 2010.

TURK 40587. Advanced Ottoman Reading 2. Winter 2011.