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Dennis Pardee is Professor of Northwest Semitics in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Literatures and the Oriental Institute. His research focuses on Northwest Semitic Languages, Ugaritic and Hebrew poetics, Ugaritic and Hebrew epistolography, and Ugaritic and Hebrew ritual. He is one of the leading authorities of the ancient city of Ugarit and the hundreds of texts discovered there that are written in the city’s distinctive language and script. His regular teaching includes intermediate and advanced courses in biblical Hebrew and grammar.


Past Courses

HEBR 251-254. Elementary and Intermediate Classical Hebrew. Offered annually each Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

HEBR 318. Phoenician Inscriptions. Winter 2000, repeat every 2 years.

HEBR 408. Ugaritic: The Aqht Cycle. Winter 2000, repeat every 2 years.

HEBR 20101-20102. Ugaritic I & II. Offered annually each Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

HEBR 319. Punic Inscriptions. Spring 2000, Spring 2002, Winter 2008.

ARAM 254. Biblical Aramaic. Autumn 2000.

ARAM 256. Imperial Aramaic. Spring 2001.

HEBR 20001. Hebrew Letters and Inscriptions. Autumn 2001, Autumn 2005, Autumn 2007.

ARAM 20301-20303. Targum I, II, & III. Offered annually every Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

UGAR 30107. Ugaritic: The Baal Cycle. Autumn 2001, repeat every 2 years.

UGAR 30109. New Ugaritic Texts. Spring 2002, Spring 2006

NEHC 20211. Ugarit: Late Bronze Age Metropolis. Spring 2001, Autumn 2002

HEBR 30204. Dead Sea Scrolls. Taught with Norman Golb. Spring 2003