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Bożena Shallcross, Associate Professor of Polish Literature, works in the area of 20th century Polish literature and the visual arts, with a particular focus on the verbal-visual interrelationship and the relation of theories of visuality to questions of identity, especially those manifest in diverse modes of habitation and material culture. Among her recent books is The Holocaust Object in Polish and Polish Jewish Culture (2010); her current research project engages both the Holocaust and queer discourses. Her teaching interests include the culture and representation of Polish Jews, the Holocaust, theories of vision, and the pictorial and literary representation of objects.


Past Courses

POLI 38800. Postwar Polish Poetry. Winter 2002, Autumn 2005

JWSC 27200 Construing the Other: Representation of Jewish Community in Polish Culture. Autumn 2002

ISHU 29100. Representing the Holocaust. Winter 2003

POLI 29201. Traumatic Everyday: The Holocaust in Polish Culture. Autumn 2006