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Tara Zahra is Associate Professor of History. Her research and teaching focus on the transnational history of modern Europe, with a focus on migration, nationalism, and the family in central and eastern Europe. Most recently she is the author of The Lost Children: Reconstructing Europe’s Families after World War II (Harvard, 2011), which traces the history of humanitarian activism around displaced and refugee children in Eastern and Western Europe, including Jewish children, from 1918-1951. She is also the author of  Kidnapped Souls: National Indifference and the Battle for Children in the Bohemian Lands (Cornell, 2008). Her current project is a history of emigration from East Central Europe to the West from 1889-1989, with a particular focus on how debates about emigration were linked to emerging conceptions of freedom and slavery in a globalizing labor market.

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Past Courses:

History 29628. Nazi Germany. Winter 2013

History 13001. European Civilization II. Winter 2013

HIstory 23102/33102. East-Central Europe in the Twentieth Century. Fall 2012

History 23303/33303. Twentieth Century Europe. Spring 2012, Winter 2011

History 73301. Unsettled Europe: Migration in Twentieth-Century Europe. Fall 2009

History 52901. Nationalism and Transnationalism in East Central Europe. Spring 2008