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Archive of Arts, Music, and Film in 2009-10

October 13, 2009. Film: “Encounter Point.” Primary Sponsor: I-House Global

October 30, 2009. Film “Nine Star Hotel.” Primary Sponsor: CMES

November 17, 2009. Osvaldo Golijov Concert. Primary Sponsor: Art Presents

January 3 – February 14, 2010. Anna Shteynshleyger art installation. Primary Sponsor: The Renaissance Society

January 21, 2010. Film “Circus Palestina.” Primary Sponsor: Hebrew Circle

February 25, 2010. Film “Shiva.” Primary Sponsor: Hebrew Circle

February 27, 2010. New Budapest Orpheum Society Performance

March 13, 2010. Film “Last Happy Day,” by Lynne Shapiro. Primary Sponsor: Film Studies Center

April 4, 2010. WTTW Presents: Sounds of Faith – Chicago. Primary Sponsor: WTTW Chicago Public Media