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Past Courses


BIBL 30800. Introduction to the Hebrew Bible: Jewish Thought and Literature.

BIBL 31000. Jewish Thought and Literature I: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible.

BIBL 31800. Family Matters in Ancient Israel.

BIBL 32700. Law in Biblical Literature.

BIBL 34601. Prophecy in Ancient Israel.

BIBL 37212. Jews and Christians in Egypt.

BIBL 40200. Midrash: Song of Songs Rabba.

BIBL 41000. Amos.

BIBL 43000. Tradition and Building Ancient Judaism.

BIBL 43800. Narrative in Deuteronomy.

BIBL 43803 Biblical Notions of Covenant.

BIBL 44201. Law in Deuteronomy.

BIBL 44600. Zion and Zaphon: Biblical Texts from Seventh Century Judah.

BIBL 44602 (= NEHC 44602). Song of Songs.

BIBL 44608. The Book of Hosea.

BIBL 44700. The Book of Samuel: MT-LXX-DSS.

BIBL 44800. Words of the Wise: Proverbs and Qohelet.

BIBL 45200 Studies in Midrash: Eliezer.

BIBL 45700. Studies in Midrash.

BIBL 46501. Temple, Tabernacle, and the Cult in the Hebrew Bible.

BIBL 46502. The Deuteronomic Source.

BIBL 47300. Qohelet.

BIBL 47901. Job and Theology: Between Biblical Hermeneutics and Philosophical Theology.

BIBL 48002. Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.

BIBL 48402. Judges.

BIBL 50505. Philo of Alexandria on Prayer, Interpretation, and Soul Formation.

BIBL 50804. Biblical Interpretation in the Qumran Scrolls.

BIBL 50902. The Book of Kings: Critical Review.

BIBL 51602 Josephus and the New Testament.

BIBL 51610. The Priestly History.

BIBL 52304. The Priestly God in the Hebrew Bible.

BIBL 52800. The Book of Kings: Seminar.

BIBL 52907. Lamentations.

BIBL 54100. Philo of Alexandria as a Jewish Historian.

BIBL 54700. Critical Methods in the Study of the Hebrew Bible.

BIBL 55000. Literary Features of Biblical Composition.

BIBL 55300. Exodus 19-25.

HIJD 30485. Jews in Graeco Roman Egypt.

HIJD 30700. (= RLIT 30704, THEO 30704) Jewish Liturgical Poetry.

HIJD 30911. Jews and Judaism in the Classical Era and Late Antiquity: From Temple to Text, from “Land” to “Torah.”

HIJD 37000. Jewish Liturgical Poetry and the Making of the Rabbinic Epic.

HIJD 40100-40200. Song of Songs I & II.

HIJD 40910. Early Jewish Historiography.

HIJD 41700. Giving and Receiving.

HIJD 43200. Forms and Features of Midrash Literature.

HIJD 44000. Ethnography and Literary Genres in Rabbinic Literature.

HIJD 46500. Studies in Midrash: Genesis Rabba.

HIJD 46800. Ancient Jewish Liturgical Poetry.

HIJD 47000. Studies in Aggadic Midrash.

HIJD 477. Poetical Theology.

HIJD 47012. Readings in Rabbinic Midrash: Pesiqta de-Rav Kahana.

HIJD 47900 Midrashic Traditions about Sinai and Revelation.

HIJD 47901. Job and Theology: Between Biblical Hermeneutics and Philosophical Theology.

HIJD 49000. Mekhilta De-Rabbi Ishmael.

HIJD 49200. Reading Other People’s Scriptures.

HIJD 49400. The Book of Job and the Problem of Evil.

HIJD 51000. Proseminar un Madrash.

HUD 400. Midrash: Lamentations Rabba.

HUD 412. The Book of Zohar.

HUD 45000. Studies in Legal Midrash.

HUMA 201. Judaic Civilization.

JWSC 20001. Jewish History and Society I: Ancient Israel from the Iron Age to the Roman Era.

JWSC 20001. Jewish History and Society I: Ancient Jerusalem.

JWSC 20001. Jewish History and Society I: The Archaeology of Israel – History, Society, Politics.

JWSC 20005. Jewish Thought and Literature II: The Bible and Archaeology.

JWSC 20005. Jewish Thought and Literature II: Rabbinic Judaism.

JWSC 28500. Jewish Spiritual Perfection and Piety.

NEAA 20003/30003. Introduction to the Archaeology of the Ancient Levant (Syria-Palestine)

NEAA 20301. Art and Archaeology of the Near East: Syria and Palestine.

NEAA 30050. Method and Theory in Near Eastern Archaeology.

NEAA 30321-30322. Ancient Levant I & II.

NEAA 30321-30323. Syro-Palestinian Archaeology I, II, & III.

NEAA 30331. Ancient Near Eastern Households, Kinship, and Demography.

NEAA 30335. Problems in Syrian Archaeology.

NEAA 30341. Syro-Palestinian Pottery.

NECV 212. Bronze Age/Eastern Mediterranean.

NECV 384. Mesopotamian Law Collections.

NECV 355-356. Ancient Israelite Religion I & II.

NEHC 20003. History of the Ancient Near East III.

NEHC 20211. Ugarit: Late Bronze Age Metropolis.

NEHC 30010. Social Theory and Ancient Near Eastern Studies.

NEHC. Semitic Cultures and Civilizations.

THEO 465. The Wrath of God in the Hebrew Bible.

THEO 47901. Job and Theology: Between Biblical Hermeneutics and Philosophical Theology.


ARAM 10101. Biblical Aramaic.

ARAM 10102. Old Aramaic Inscriptions.

ARAM 10103. Imperial Aramaic.

ARAM 20301-20303. Targum I, II, & III.

BIBL 34000. Introduction to Biblical Hebrew.

BIBL 34100. Intermediate Biblical Hebrew.

GRMN 27800/37800. Jewish American Literature Post 1945.

HEBR 10101-10102-10103. Elementary Classical Hebrew I, II, III.

HEBR 10501-10502-10503. Introductory Modern Hebrew I, II, III.

HEBR 20001. Hebrew Letters and Inscriptions.

HEBR 20101-20102. Ugaritic I & II.

HEBR 20104-20105-20106. Intermediate Classical Hebrew I, II, III.

HEBR 20204/30204. Dead Sea Scrolls.

HEBR 20301-20302. Tannaitic Hebrew Texts I, II.

HEBR 20501-20502-20503. Intermediate Modern Hebrew.

HEBR 30501-30502-30503. Advanced Modern Hebrew I, II, III.

HEBR 30586. Israeli Poetry.

HEBR 30601. Advanced Readings in Modern Hebrew.

HEBR 318. Phoenician Inscriptions.

HEBR 319. Punic Inscriptions.

HEBR 408. Ugaritic: The Aqht Cycle.

JWSG 35900. Diaspora/Homecoming: Modern Yiddish.

YDDH 10100-10200-10300.  Elementary Yiddish I, II, III.

YDDH 20100-20200. Intermediate Yiddish I, II.

YDDH 21709. Introduction to Yiddish Culture and Literature.

YDDH 23709. Singer and Bellow: Jewish Novels.

YDDH 25500. Classic Yiddish Fiction.

YDDH 27708. Classic Yiddish Fiction: Sholem-Aleichem.

YDDH 27800. Jewish American Literature Post 1945.

YDDH 29800. Reading Yiddish for Research.

YDDH 30600. Yiddish Tish: Yiddish Conversation.

YDDH 35116. Yiddish Literature Between the World Wars


HIJD 31700. Mystical Hermeneutics: An Introduction to the Book of Zohar.

HIJD 35004. Readings in Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy b. Yaqzan.

HIJD 36100. The Philosophical Interpretation of Scripture in the Middle Ages: The Problems of Evil and the Book of Job.

HIJD 41100. Animal Spirituality in the Middle Ages.

HIJD 41900. The Jewish Study of the Bible in the Middle Ages.

HIJD 42700. Interactions between Jewish Philosophy and Literature During the Middle Ages.

HJID 42900. The Jews in Medieval Spain.

HIJD 43900. Medieval Jewish Mysticism.

HIJD 44612. The Occult in the Islamic World.

HIJD 45400. Readings in Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed.

HIJD 45401. Aristotle in the Middle Ages.

HIJD 45500. Medieval Commentary on Ecclesiastes.

HIJD 46401. Introduction to Judaeo-Arabic Literature and Thought.

HIJD 47110. Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy b. Yaqzan.

HIJD 48500. Islamic and Jewish Neoplatonism.

HIJD 48610. Jewish Sufism.

HIJD 50600. Soul, Intellect, and Immortality in Medieval Jewish Thought.

HIST 26214/36214. The Social Memory of “Convivencia”: Muslims, Jews, and Christians and Historical Nationalism in Contemporary Spain.

HUMA 201. Judaic Civilizations in Medieval Spain.

ISLM 48500. Islamic and Jewish Neoplatonism.

JWSC 20005. Jewish Thought and Literature II: Rabbinic Judaism from the Mishnah to Maimonides.

JWSC 20006. Jewish Thought and Literature III: The Jewish Interpretation of the Bible in the Middle Ages.

JWSC 20505. Jews Under Islamic Rule.

MILAP 32100. God.

NEHC 30403. Jewish History and Society III. Jews in Muslim Lands.

NEHC 30411-304012-30413. Medieval Jewish History I-II-III.

NEHC 30441. Jewish Philosophy in the Middle Ages.

NEHC. Semitic Cultures and Civilizations.

PHIL 25110/35110. Maimonides and Hume on Religion.

PHIL 26100. The Philosophical Interpretation of Scripture in the Middle Ages: The Problems of Evil and the Book of Job.

PHIL 319. Problem of Evil in Jewish Thought.

PHIL 33600. Medieval Philosophy.

RLST 25110. Maimonides and Hume on Religion.

SOSC 28853. Jerusalem in Middle Eastern Civilizations.


ARTH 46309. Secularization and Resacralization.

CMES 30001. Approaches to the Study of the Middle East.

CMLT 30906. The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Literature and Film.

CMST 24802. Israeli National Cinema: Identity, Memory, Narrative, Conflict.

CMST 26500. Films of Max Ophuls.

CMST 27502. The Frankfurt School, Cinema, Modernity.

CMST 675. The Frankfurt School.

CRES 27317. America’s White Ethnics: Contemporary Italian- and Jewish-American Ethnic Identities.

DVPR 35112. Philosophy, Talmudic Culture, and Religious Experience: Soloveitchik.

DVPR 35115. Topics in the Philosophy of Religion: Challenge of Suffering from Job to Primo Levi.

DVPR 38504. Levinas and Talmud.

DVPR 48100. Strauss on Philosophy and Law.

DVPR 52000. Foucault: Technologies of Power.

DVPR 53357. Philosophy and Theology of Judaism.

GNSE 38702. Race in the 20th Century Atlantic World.

GRMN 27800. Jewish American Literature Post 1945.

GRMN 34801. German Cinema 1945 to 1985.

HCHR 47300-47400. Conceptions and Traditions in Judaism I & II.

HEBR 366-367. East/West European Concepts of Judaism I & II.

HIJD 302. History of Christian and Jewish Thought.

HIJD 31800. Mystical Theology of Maggid Dov Ber.

HIJD 34301. Safed: Mystical Ethics.

HIJD 34304. Readings in the Early Hasidic Masters: The Religious Teaching of Rabbi Menachem Nachum of Chernobyl.

HIJD 35111. Judaism and Philosophy of Religion in Contemporary Thought.

HIJD 35400. Hermeneutics and Tradition: The Case of Judaism (Part 1).

HIJD 35505. Jewish Hermeneutical Theology.

HIJD 36802. Jewish Writings of Hannah Arendt.

HIJD 38701. Poetic Theologies of Light.

HIJD 39401 Love in Jewish Thought and Spirituality.

HIJD 40504. The Question in Jewish Religious Thought.

HIJD 40506. Martin Buber’s Conception of Judaism and Religion.

HIJD 40901. Contemporary European Philosophy and Religion.

HIJD 41002. Major Issues in the Study of Jewish Mysticism: Between Kabbalah and Hasidism.

HIJD 43804. Liturgical and Secular Time.

HIJD 44100. Kant and Judaism.

HIJD 44702. The Other and the “Exotic” in Postwar Jewish Writing.

HIJD 449. Buber: I and Thou.

HIJD 451. Zakhor: His Memory and Modern Jewish Thought.

HIJD 45101. History and Memory in Jewish Thought

HIJD 45900. Martin Buber’s Philosophy of Dialectic.

HIJD 45901 “Religious as Presence”: Martin Buber.

HIJD 46010. Martin Buber’s Philosophy of Religion.

HIJD 46100-46200 Franz Rosenzweig’s Star Of Redemption-Parts I & II.

HIJD 47200. Modern Jewish Intellectual History.

HIJD 47600. Gershom Scholem: The Theologian.

HIJD 47602. Jewish Responses to Continental Philosophers: Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, and Heidegger.

HIJD 47800. Hermann Cohen’s “Religion of Reason.”

HIJD 48200. Leo Strauss and Judaism.

HIJD 48300. Hannah Arendt’s Texts on Jewishness, Palestine, Israel.

HIJD 50200. Reading in Arabic Religious Texts.

HIJD 50206. Brauer Seminar: Jewish and Christian Responses to Biblical Criticism.

HIJD 50211. Models of Philosophy/Religion as a Way of Life.

HIJD 50500. Jewish Political Theology.

HIJD 50601. Simmel and Weber on Modernity.

HIJD 53359. Topics in Philosophy of Judaism: Ethics and Halakhah.

HIST 13002. History of European Civilization II.

HIST 21201. British Political History Since 1900.

HIST 22400. Humanitarian Movements and Politics.

HIST 22700. Jewish Life in France and Germany.

HIST 22701. European Judaism as a Minority Cult.

HIST 23303. Europe: 1930-Present.

HIST 23312. Jews in the Diaspora since 1945.

HIST 23401/33401. Genocide of European Jews: 1933-1945.

HIST 23402. Modern Jewish Thought.

HIST 23403. Modern Jewish History.

HIST 23412/33412. The Holocaust: History and Interpretations.

HIST 23507. The Russo-German War.

HIST 23515. Western and Eastern Jews in the Long Nineteenth Century.

HIST 23509/33509. The Jews of Central and East/Central Europe during the Interwar Period.

HIST 24301. Berlin and Hong Kong in the Cold War.

HIST 25902/35902. History of the Israeli-Arab Conflict.

HIST 33306.  Europe, 1914–Present.

HIST 33413. The Holocaust Object.

HIST 38704. Race in the 20th Century Atlantic World.

HIST 45902. Nationalism and Post-Colonialism in Middle Eastern Studies.

HIST 53000. WWI History and Historiography.

HIST 53100. German History and Historiography.

HIST 53200. Catastrophic Nationalism.

HIST 53301. Gender in Europe.

HIST 56102. Emancipation: Jews between Civil Equality and Collective Rights.

HIST 60902. Jewish Intellectuals in the Post-War World.

HIST 73201. France & Central European Religion and Politics.

HIST 73501-73502. France and Germany I & II.

HIST 73801. Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism in Europe.

HIST 741. Metropolitan/Colonial Europe: 1798-2000.

HIST 74201. The Politics of Everyday Life.

HIST 74301-74302. Seminar: Migration and Material Culture in the Modern World.

HIST 74605-74606.  Seminar: Religion, Society, and Politics in Modern Europe, 1740–Present.

HIST 78301-78302. Major Problems in Modern Jewish History I-II.

HIST 79001. Arabs and Jews in Palestine: 1831-1948.

HIST 81303-81304.  Seminar: Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Medieval Spain 1 and 2.

HIST 904. European Gender History: 1798-2000.

HIST 911. Contemporary European History.

HIST 91400. Modern European Social History.

HMRT 202. Human Rights.

HMRT 20200. Human Rights II: History and Theory.

HMRT 22500. Reading Hannah Arendt.

HUMA 23801. The Thought of Hannah Arendt.

ISHU 29100. Representing the Holocaust.

ISLM 41610. Blood Libel: Damascus to Riyadh.

ITAL 24903. Outsiders II: Italo Svevo.

JWSC 20002. Jewish History and Society II. Messianism and Modernity

JWSC 20003. Jewish History and Society III: European Judaism as Minority Diasporic Culture.

JWSC 20003. Jewish History and Society III. Narratives of Assimilation.

JWSC 20003. Jewish History and Society III. Israel Society and Jewish Cultures — Religiosity, Nation, Migration.

JWSC 20006. Jewish Thought and Literature III: The Intellectual Worlds of the Modern Jew.

JWSC 20006. Jewish Thought and Literature III: Biblical Voices in Modern Hebrew Literature.

JWSC 20222. Writing the Jewish Body: Health, Disease, Literature.

JWSC 20224. Jewish Civilizations: Jewish Spaces and Places, Real and Imagined.

JWSC 20225. Multilingualism and Translation in Modern Jewish Literature.

JWSC 20229. Israeli Cultural History, 1948–2015.

JWSC 22901/32901. Colloq: Arendt’s Texts on Jewishness, Palestine, Israel.

JWSC 23312. Jews in the Diaspora since 1945.

JWSC 24300. Jewish Autobiography.

JWSC 27200. Construing the Other: Representation of Jewish Community in Polish Culture.

JWSG 32600. Spinoza & Mendelssohn.

JWSG 327. Modern Jewish Religious Thought.

JWSG 33600. Franz Rosenzweig.

JWSG 39600. Exile in Jewish Thought and Literature.

JWSG 49000. Cohen: Religion of Reason.

LAWS 47901. Religion and the First Amendment.

MAPS 35148. Israel in Film and Ethnography.

MUSI 22415/33415. Israel/Palestine.

MUSI 23410. Music of the Middle East.

MUSI 23911. Jewish Music.

MUSI 28914/38914. Munich-Chicago Performance Laboratory: Jephta’s Daughter.

MUSI 306. Richard Wagner/Critical Theory.

MUSI 31500. Ethnomusicology: The Middle East and South Asia.

MUSI 31500. Music and Race.

MUSI 33516. Judeo-Islamic Musical Intersections.

MUSI 33911. Jewish Music.

MUSI 42816. The Untold American History of the Modern Hebrew ‘Folksong’.

NEHC 20418. Modern Antiquity: Semitic Cultures, Languages, and History in the Modern Middle East.

NEHC 24302/44302. The Representation of the Holocaust in Hebrew/Israeli Literature.

NEHC 30406. Jewish Thought and Literature III: The Multilingual Twentieth Century.

NEHC 30452. Writing the Jewish State.

NEHC 30688. The Arab World Confronting Fascism and Nazism.

NEHC 40955. Nationalism and Post-Colonialism in Middle Eastern Studies.

PHIL 21202. Spiritual Exercises and Moral Perfectionism.

PHIL 239. Philosophy of Religion.

PHIL 31209. Contemporary European Philosophy and Religion.

PHIL 58500. French Philosophy.

PHIL 58702. Topics in Contemporary European Thought.

PLSC 27910. Hobbes and Spinoza.

PLSC 28201. African American and Jewish Political Thought.

PLSC 28500. Zionism and Palestine.

PLSC 28700-38700. Jewish Political Thought.

PLSC 36910. Secularism and its Discontents.

PLSC 38800. Weimar Political Theology.

POLI 29201. Traumatic Everyday: The Holocaust in Polish Culture.

POLI 29500/39500. The Holocaust Object.

POLI 38600. Bruno Schultz: An Unfinished Project.

POLI 38800. Postwar Polish Poetry.

PPHA 34120. Social Change, Civil Society, and Democracy in Israel.

RETH. 52400. Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism.

RLIT 39802. The Works of S.Y. Agnon.

RLIT 41205. Theories of Art in the Twentieth Century: Historiography, Religion and Crisis.

RLIT 41502. Between Vienna and Hamburg. From Deutschland to America: The Writing of Art History Between 1900 and 1960.

RLST 20900. Franz Rosenzweig’s Concept of Revelation.

RUSS 26207/36207. The Transnational Subject: Jewish Writers and Russian Literature.

SCTH 50700. Racial Theories of Religious Differences.

SLAV 20011.  The Holocaust Cinema: Polish School & Beyond.

SOCS 28851. Jerusalem in Middle Eastern Civilizations.

SOSC 12200. Self, Culture, and Society.

SOSC 27702. European Civilization in Paris.

THEO 43601. Modern Jewish Theology: Neo-mysticism.

THEO 45401. A Scandal for Gentiles and Jews.

THEO 46705. Suffering and the History of the Interpretation of Job.

THEO 53500. Levinas and Rosenzweig.