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Sample Dissertation Topics

Alexander Joskowicz
Anticlerical Alliances: Jews and the Church Question in Germany and France, 1783-1905 (Summer 2008)

Maria Rethelyi
German Jews as Hungarian Nationalists and the Emergens of Oriental Studies (Spring 2009)

Andrew J. Sloin
Pale Fire: Jews in Revolutionary Belorussia, 1917-1929
(Spring 2009)

Judah Levine
Talmud Torah in Modern Jewish Thought:Martin Buber and the Renewal of Text-Centered Judaism (Winter 2010)

Samuel Lanham Boyd
Contact Linguistics and Textual Reuse in the Hebrew Bible: A Socio-linguistic Approach to the Comparative Method in the Hebrew Bible (2014)

Aaron Butts
Language Maintenance, Lexical Borrowing, and Grammatical Replication: The Case of Greek and Syriac

David M. Calabro
Doing Things with Hands: The Ritual Use of Hand Gestures in Northwest Semitic Literature and Iconography (2014)

Humphrey (Chip) Hardy Diachronic Development in Biblical Hebrew Particles: A Case Study in Grammaticalization (2014)

Matthew James McAffee A Lexical and Literary Analysis of Life and Mortality in Ugaritic (Spring 2015)

Jacqueline Eliza Vayntrub Proverbs and the Limits of Poetry (Summer 2015)