May 09

DOVA Temporary

DOVA Temporary is a storefront gallery administered by the University of Chicago’s Department of Visual Arts (DOVA). Its primary goal is to provide a professional quality facility for the exhibition of graduate, undergraduate, and alumni student work from DOVA on a regular basis. In addition, the gallery hosts exhibits and events organized by a wide variety of arts-affiliated groups and individuals, both within and outside of the University, that fall outside the program of other, more traditional venues on campus.

Design Notes:

The DOVA Temporary site (like the AdpatationOPC and Goodspeed Notes sites) is unusual in that it is built around a heavily customized WordPress theme created exclusively for this purpose. This theme is thus not directly available for us by other groups (please contact us if you would nonetheless like to ask the designer for permission to re-use the theme for your own site).



Nov 07


Website for the Adaptation exhibit at the Smart Museum of Art.

Design Notes:

As was the case with OPC, this website is unusual in that it is based on a custom WordPress theme built to order for the Smart Museum by Neoteric. As such, it should best be seen as an example of the degree to which WordPress themes can be modified. Very little, if any “blog like” elements remain on the site. Of special note is the striking typography in use throughout the site both for individual headers or titles and in navigation elements.