Keynote Speaker

Michael Taussig is among the world’s most prominent anthropologists and cultural theorists. He holds a medical degree from the University of Sydney and a doctorate in anthropology from the London School of Economics. His work has ranged from studies of the medical profession in The Nervous System (1992) to investigations of reciprocal mimesis between native South American and European in Mimesis and Alterity (1993), from studies of Walter Benjamin in Walter Benjamin’s Grave (2006)  to investigations of the culture of the cocaine trade in My Cocaine Museum (2004), and most recently, has constituted an investigation into the centrality and implacability of color in the post-Enlightenment West (What Color Is the Sacred?, 2009). His writings have proved influential in disciplines ranging from post-colonial to medical studies, and, of course, the study of literature and art history.

We are honored and privileged to welcome Michael Taussig as the keynote speaker at the 2009 English – Art History conference.