Conference Schedule


Date: Thursday, November 3, 2016

Performance Penthouse, Logan Center for the Arts

7:00–8:30: Where did we come from and where will we go? – Chinese art history’s past and future

Welcome by Professor Daniel Diermeier, Provost of University of Chicago

Wu Hung in conversation with Lothar von Falkenhausen (UCLA), Martin Powers (University of Michigan), Jonathan Hay (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University) and Nancy Steinhardt (University of Pennsylvania), to be moderated by Jerome Silbergeld (Princeton University) and introduced by Katherine R. Tsiang (University of Chicago).


DAY ONE  | Friday, November 4, 2016

Performance Penthouse, Logan Center for the Arts

9:00–9:30: Opening Remarks

Welcome by Richard Neer, Interim Chair of Department of Art History, University of Chicago

Introduction to the conference theme, format, and schedule by Sonya Lee, University of Southern California, and Jeehee Hong, McGill University

9:30–12:00 Panel One: Stratification and Accretion

Writing the history of Chinese art history, including the role of museums, galleries and other Western institutions in the construction of canons in Chinese art.

Chair: Jerome Silbergeld, Princeton University

Wei-Cheng Lin, University of Chicago

The Cult of Completing/Contemplating the Past: Chinese Art History in/with Time

Bonnie Cheng, Oberlin College

Disciplining Art History—Situating the Study of Funerary Art

Coffee break (15 minutes)

Delin Lai, University of Louisville

The Study of Chinese Gardens and Its Impact on the Pursuit for the Chineseness in Modern Architecture

Yun-Chiahn C. Sena, Wesleyan University

Making New Images, Making New History: Images of Women in Colonial Taiwan under Japan

Cheng-Hua Wang, Princeton University

The Allure of Quantity: The Art-Historical Significance of the Qingming Scrolls 

Discussant: Dorothy Wong, University of Virginia

12:00–2:00: Lunch

2:00–4:00: Panel Two: Place and Expanded Geographies

Exploring the significance of place and charting an expanded geography in Chinese art history.

Chair: Chelsea Foxwell, University of Chicago

Ning Qiang, Capital Normal University, Beijing

Art, Ritual, and Secret Space in the Tangut Kingdom

Tingting Xu, University of Chicago

Walking in Panorama: The Photographic Shanghai Bund in Kung Tai’s Accordion Albums

Catherine Stuer, Denison University

Affective Landscapes, Spatial Selves

Zhang Xi, University of Chicago

Cityscape in Change: Early Shanghai Urbanization and Mapmaking, 1850s-1920s

Discussant: Kate Lingley, University of Hawai‘i–Manoa

4:00–4:15: Break

4:15–5:45 Roundtable One: Environment and Embodiment

Rethinking art history through the frames and politics of science, medicine, and ecology.

Moderator and chair: Donald Harper, University of Chicago

Sonya Lee, University of Southern California

Conservation and the Study of Buddhist Cave Temples in Sichuan

Winston Kyan, University of Utah

Indian Medicine and the Filial Body: The Pictorial Evidence

Jeehee Hong, McGill University

“Upcycling” the Home for the Dead: The Case of Wang Jin’s Tomb

Seunghye Lee, Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

Crafting of the Iconic Body: On the Inner Recesses of Chinese Buddhist Images

Yuhang Li, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Transformation of Transcendence: Mimicking Guanyin through Hairpins

Shi Jie, University of Chicago

Coordinating between Hands and Eyes: A Toiletry Case Set from Mawangdui

6:00–7:30: Reception at the Smart Museum, University of Chicago

Cosponsored by the Smart Museum

By invitation

7:30–9:00: Dinner at the Smart Museum of Art

Co-sponsored by the Smart Museum of Art

(By Invitation)


DAY TWO | Saturday, November 5, 2016

Performance Penthouse, Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago

9:00–9:15: Opening Remarks

Welcome by Professor Bill Brown, Deputy Provost for the Arts, University of Chicago

9:15–11:45 Panel Three: Art, Maker, Process

Situating the creative process in the debate over art history, visual studies, and material culture.

Chair: Judith Zeitlin, University of Chicago

Eugene Wang, Harvard University

What Was the Terracotta Army For?

Yudong Wang, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China

Figure and Ground in Medieval Dunhuang Art

Coffee Break (15 minutes)

Zheng Yan, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China

A Lineage of Models: Rethinking the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove of Southern Dynasties Tombs

Anne Feng, University of Chicago

Water, Ice, Lapis Lazuli: The Making of a Buddhist Paradise through the Sixteen Meditation in Tang China

Lillian Lanying Tseng, New York University

One Genealogy, Two Makers, and Many Replicates

Discussant: Katherine R. Tsiang, University of Chicago

11:45–1:45: Lunch

1:45–4:15: Panel Four: Inter-Medial Exchange

Redefining media categories and their capacity for new creativity and enlivenment in the arts.

Chair: Richard Born, Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago

Li Qingquan, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China

Pictures within Pictures: Reconsidering the Format of Yuan Dynasty Tomb Murals in Hongyu, Xing County of Shanxi Province

Julia Orell, Academia Sinica

Stone, Landscape, Screen: The Making of Stone Paintings during the Song Dynasty

Coffee Break (15 minutes)

Mia Liu, Bates College

The Luminous Ink: Photography and Modern Chinese Ink Paintings

Jin Xu, University of Chicago

The Order of Filial Piety Illustrations: Four Pieces of Stone Mortuary Equipment from the Late Northern Wei Dynasty 

Quincy Ngan, University of Iowa

Pigments and the Re-Materialization of Chinese Painting

Discussant: Jonathan Hay, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

4:15–4:30: Break

4:30–6:00 Roundtable Two: Objects and Networks

Constructing social relations and art production through the circulation of art objects in China and beyond.

Moderator and chair: Gao Minglu, University of Pittsburgh

Stephanie Su, Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures

Reinterpreting the Wu Liang Shrine in Modern Japan: Ancient China and the Emergence of East Asian Identity

Eleanor Hyun, British Museum

Depth and Breadth

Tang Keyang, Renmin University, China

Visualizing Chang’an: The Modern Reinterpretation of a Canonical Chinese City

Christina Yu, University of Southern California Pacific Asia Museum

From Eighteen Scholars to Four Arts

Kris Ercums, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas

Artists Inhabit the Museum

7:00–10:00: Dinner at the Powhatan

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