Organizer’s words

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Department of Art History at the University of Chicago, I am writing to thank you for your interest in attending China, Art, History: New Orientations, scheduled Nov. 3-5 at the Logan Art Center.  In responding to China’s recent rise on the global stage, the conference was conceived from the beginning as a venue to provide for exchanging thoughts and ideas about what has shaped the field of Chinese art history and how the fast-forward-moving China will change the status quo of the field and bring about new orientations.  The nature of the conference is therefore necessarily historiographic – self examining the field in both hindsight and foresight.  It is with this premise that we decided to dedicate this conference to Professor Wu Hung, who, along with several other scholars of his generation, has left an indelible mark in shaping the field today.
While it is intended to be scholarly and celebratory at the same time, the conference is not an indication of Professor Wu’s retirement.  I apologize if we have inadvertently sent out a wrong signal.
We are eager to welcome you to the conference.   Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Thank you so much!
Wei-Cheng Lin
Associate Professor of Art History and the College
268 Cochrane-Woods Art Center
Anne Feng
Andrew W. Mellon COSI Curatorial Fellow
Asian Art Department
The Art Institute of Chicago
Art History Department
The University of Chicago
168 Cochrane-Woods Art Center
5540 S.Greenwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60637

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