Visiting Scholars

The Center for the Art of East Asia invites visiting scholars with substantial experience in research and teaching to spend a year in residence at the University of Chicago to conduct research and participate in workshops and joint research projects. We encourage the sharing of specialized knowledge and the examination of different methodologies on areas of specialization that overlap with those of our Center and its affiliated professors. The association of visiting scholars with the University of Chicago will not entail any employment relationship with the University, nor will visiting scholars be entitled to any salary or benefits available to employees of the University.

Interested parties may send a letter and CV addressed to:

The Director
Center for the Art of East Asia
Department of Art History
University of Chicago
5540 South Greenwood Ave.
Chicago IL 60637

CAEA Students

Guo Weiqi
Current Affiliation: Department of Art History, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art
Research Project: Classical Literature, Landscapes and Chinese Drama: The Themes of Qing Dynasty Gold and Lacquer Painted Screens

Wei Zheng
Current Affiliation: Archaeology Department, Peking University
Research Project: Art and Archaeology of Aristocratic Tombs of Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties

Wu Guibing
Current Affiliation: Department of History, Nanjing University
Research topic: Archeological evidence of Buddhism as a factor in funerary customs in medieval China from Han to Tang

Fu Yanghua
Current Affiliation: Renmin University, Beijing
Research topic: Scholarship on Chinese art history in America

Xu Xiwen, Southeast China University, Nanjing
Research topic: Chinese paintings in the United States: Collections and research methodologies


Zhang Zong
Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
Current affiliation: Institute of World Religions, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Research topics: Avalokitesvara: Apocryphal Texts and Images
Images of the Dharma Realm of Vairocana


Kho Youen-hee
Ph.D. Korean Literature and Art History, Ewha University
Research topics: Flower and Bird Painting of the Choson Dynasty
Korean Gardens and Chinese Connections

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