Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Scholars

The postdoctoral scholars program will bring a recent Ph.D. in East Asian art history biannually to spend a year at the University of Chicago. It is designed to provide outstanding young scholars in East Asian art history the opportunity to further their research with help the excellent facilities and academic community here. The holder of this position will be in residence for one academic year during which time he/she will participate in regular colloquia and workshops on the program. We are currently not accepting applications. The next application deadline will be announced in the future.

Postdoctoral Awards

Yanfei Zhu, Ph.D. Ohio State University
Dissertation: “Transnational Canon Formation: The Rediscovery of Ming Yimin Ink Painting in Modern China, 1900-1949”
Postdoctoral Scholar and Lecturer in the Department of Art History and the Center for the Art of East Asia, his research interests include art of modern China and Japan, East Asian painting, Buddhist art, social and intellectual history of visual culture, historiography of Asian art, and Chinese photography and cinematography.

Hui-chun Yu, Ph.D. Princeton University
Dissertation: “Intersection of Past and Present: the Qianlong Emperor and His Ancient Bronzes”

Tonia Eckfeld, Ph.D. University of Melbourne, Australia
Dissertation: The Tomb of Li Xian: Posthumous Rehabilitation and Political Legitimacy”
Publications: Imperial Tombs in Tang China, 618-907: The Politics of Paradise (London: Routledge-Curzon, 2005)

Akiko Takenaka, Ph.D. Yale University
Dissertation: “The Aesthetics of Mass-Persuasion: War and Architectural Sites in Tokyo, 1868-1945”
Admitted to the Michigan Society of Fellows, 2005-2008.
Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

Chia-ling Yang, Ph.D., University of London
Dissertation: “New Wine in Old Bottles – The Figure Painting of Ren Bonian (1840- 1895) in the Context of Nineteenth-Century Shanghai”
Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, U.K.

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