Associate Director

Dr. Katherine Renhe Tsiang

ChongqingPh.D., University of Chicago. Formerly Supervisor of East Asian Art Research Materials, her work has involved building library resources and planning and organizing programs including an annual symposium in East Asian Art. With the establishment of the center she coordinates the post-doc fellowship and visiting scholars programs, publications, and special projects including the Scrolling Paintings Project for digital imaging of East Asian handscroll paintings and an important research project on the Buddhist Cave Temples of Xiangtangshan and the culture of the Northern Qi Dynasty. Her research has been concentrated in the fields of Chinese Buddhist art, Chinese ceramics and material culture, and cultural interactions and political rhetoric in the production of art in medieval China. Her professional experience also includes teaching and collaborative work with museums and organizing exhibitions.

Selected publications:

  • 2013. “Introduction” (with Zhang Zong), and “History and Art of the Cave of the Engraved Scriptures at Northern Xiangtangshan,” in Fengfeng Mining District Office of Protection and Management of Cultural Relics; and Center for the Art of East Asia, University of Chicago. The Cave of the Engraved Scriptures at Northern Xiangtangshang. Beijing: Wenwu Publishing House, 2013. (峰峰矿区文物保管所、芝加哥大学东亚艺术中心《北响堂石窟刻经洞—南区1、2、3号窟考古报告》北京:文物出版社,2013年)[In Chinese with English abstracts]
  • 2012. “Recontextualizing an Extraordinary Sixth-Century Chinese Bodhisattva,” in Katherine R. Tsiang and Martin J. Powers ed., Looking at Asian Art, Chicago: Center for the Art of East Asia, University of Chicago, and Art Media Resources.
  • 2010. Echoes of the Past: The Buddhist Cave Temples of Xiangtangshan. Chicago: The David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago, 2010.
  • 2010. “Antiquarianism and Re-envisioning Empire in the Late Northern Wei,” Wu Hung ed., Reinventing the Past: Antiquarianism in Early Chinese Visual Culture. Chicago: Center for the Art of East Asia, University of Chicago, and Art Media Resources.
  • 2010. “Buddhist Printed Images and Texts of the Eighth-Tenth Centuries: Typologies of Replication and Representation, in Matthew Kapstein and Van Schaik, eds. Esoteric Buddhism at  Dunhuang: Rites and Teachings for this Life and Beyond. Leiden: Brill, 201-252.
  • 2009. “Resolve to Become a Buddha (Chengfo): Changing Aspirations and Imagery in Sixth-century Chinese Buddhism,” Early Medieval China, v. 13-14.2 (2008),115-169.
  • 2008. “Bodhisattvas, Jewels and Demons: Reconstructing Meaning in the North Cave at Xiangtangshan,” Apollo, (May 2008), 36-41.
  • 2007. “The Xiangtangshan Caves Project: An Overview and Progress Report with New Discoveries,” Orientations, v. 38 (Sept. 2007), 74-83.
  • 2005. “Embodiments of Buddhist Texts in Early Medieval Chinese Visual Culture,” in Katherine R. Tsiang and Wu Hung ed., Body and Face in Chinese Visual Culture, (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Asia Center)
  • 2004. “A Reconstruction of the South Cave at Bei Xiangtangshan 北響堂山南洞石窟寺の復元,” Kokka國華, no. 1302 (April), 5-15 [in Japanese with English summary, published under the name Shō Jinwa 蔣人和].
  • 2003. “Buddhist Relics and the Central Asian Trade Routes” in Li Jian, ed., Glory of the Silk Road (Dayton, Ohio: The Dayton Art Institute).
  • 2003. Shades of Green Jade and Misty Mountains: Chinese Celadon Wares in the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie C.C. Tsao. Dallas: The Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection
  • 2002. “Changing Patterns of Divinity and Reform in the Late Northern Wei,” The Art Bulletin, vol. 84/2, 222-245.
  • 2000. “Miraculous Flying Stupas in Qingzhou Sculpture,” Orientations, 31/10 (Dec.), 45-53.
  • 2000. “Disjunctions of Time, Text, and Imagery in Reconstructions of the Guyang Cave at Longmen” in Wu Hung ed., Between Han and Tang: Religious Art and Archaeology in a Transformative Period. Wenwu Press, Beijing, 313-352.
  • 1996. “Monumentalization of Text in Northern Qi Buddhism–The Engraving of Sutras in Stone at the Xiangtangshan Caves and Other Sixth-century A.D. Sites,”  Artibus Asiae, vol. 56, no. 3/4, 233-261.
  • 1986. Ice and Green Clouds: Traditions of Chinese Celadon. Indianapolis: Indianapolis Museum of Art/Indiana University Press [co-authored with Yutaka Mino]
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