The Center for the Art of East Asia organizes an annual symposium to bring together audiencenew scholarship on East Asian art visual culture and to encourages new perspectives and inter-disciplinary communication and collaboration.


Reconstructing the Concept of Art In Japan

September 6-7, 2014

Cochrane-Woods Art Center Lecture Hall (Room 157), University of Chicago

5540 S Greenwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60637

How are the research, display, and collecting of Japanese art shaped by late nineteenth-century Western terms today? Is it possible to modify or jettison some of these and still be comprehensible in the global field of art history? How does Japanese art history establish distinctions between “Japan,” “Asia,” “the West,” “early modern,” “modern,” and “contemporary”? How do the legacies of Orientalism and Japonisme continue to shape perceptions of Japanese art today? Are the categories of “painting,” “sculpture,” “craft,” and so forth impeding other visions of the history of objects in East Asia?

This event is made possible by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science; the Committee on Japanese Studies at the Center for East Asian Studies, University of Chicago; the Center for the Art of East Asia; and the Department of Art History, University of Chicago.

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Refiguring East Asian Religious Art: Buddhist Devotion and Funerary Practice
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