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Conference Schedule

Monday, February 13, 2012—Franke Institute

9:00 Greetings

David Schloen, Acting Director of CCJS (University of Chicago)

9:15 Introduction

9:30 Morning address

Rachel Havrelock (University of Illinois Chicago) “Joshua, Ben-Gurion, and Me: The Borders of the Land and the Limits of the Collective”

10:30 Coffee

10:45 Panel I: Modern Trajectories of Biblical Geography

Chair: Paul Mendes-Flohr (University of Chicago)

  • Ofri Ilani (Tel Aviv University) “The Eighteenth Century Debate on the Conquest of Canaan”
  • Sam Berrin Shonkoff (University of Chicago) “Ancient Soil and Firm Sod: On Buber’s Insistence that the ‘Land of Israel’ Literally Refers to the Land”
  • Meredith Aska McBride (University of Chicago) “No Place to Be: Matisyahu’s Chasidic Reggae-Rap at the Boundaries of a Performative Israel”

Response: Sam Brody (University of Chicago)

12:45 Lunch

1:45 Panel II: The Borders of language – Bilingualism and Ineffability

Chair: David Nirenberg (University of Chicago)

  • Adam Stern (Harvard University) “‘Our Torah’: Moses Ibn Tibbon, The Qur’an, and the Potentiality of Translation”
  • Rachel Seelig (University of Toronto) “Ludwig Strauss and the Borderland of German-Hebrew Bilingualism”
  • Hillel Ben Sasson (Hebrew University) “Ineffability and Transgressing the Borders of Language: The Divine Name YHWH”

Response: Na’ama Rokem (University of Chicago)

3:45 Coffee

4:00 Afternoon Address

Israel Yuval (Hebrew University) “The Root and the Branch: The Foundation of Rabbinic Identity”

5:30 Conclusions

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