Author: carissa

  • Bane prospectus defense

    The results are in: Congratulations are due to Max Bane (5th year, now ABD), who successfully defended his dissertation proposal ‘Counting Grammars’ last Friday, October 3!

  • Welcome, new cohort!

    A warm welcome to this year’s cohort of PhD students! Here’s a brief introduction to the first-years: Andrea Beltrama was born and raised in Sondrio, in the Italian Alps. He earned his B.A. and MA in Linguistics at the University of Bologna, and, on his way to graduation, had a chance to spend two academic years…

  • 2010-11 colloquia

    Another year, another colloquium series: today kicks off our fantastic 2010-2011 lineup. Join us for Annika Herrmann’s talk (link to abstract found below) at 3:30 p.m. in Cobb 201; all are invited to Tea immediately following in the department lounge. Schedule for Autumn quarter October 7: Annika Herrmann, University of Göttingen The split nature of…

  • Welcome, Ming Xiang

    Meet our newest faculty member, Assistant Professor Ming Xiang. Dr. Xiang was born and raised in China, Hubei Province, on the southern bank of Yangtzi River. She is broadly interested in the relationship between language and cognition. Her recent work focuses on syntax and semantics processing at the sentence level. She is currently setting up a…

  • Promotion news

    Congratulations are due to Jason Merchant, who was promoted to the rank of full Professor on July 1!