Month: January 2015

  • Chicago Linguists at BLS

    Chicago linguists will have another strong showing at the annual meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society this year: Andrea Beltrama (University of Chicago), Scale type totally matters! Intensification at the socio-semantics interface Ksenia Ershova (University of Chicago), Non-canonical noun incorporation in Bzhedug Adyghe Martina Martinovic & Peter Klecha (University of Chicago & Ohio State University), […]

  • The 2014 cohort

      Jessica Kantarovich graduated with a BA in Linguistics from the University of Chicago in 2012. After a 2-year stint in the thrilling world of call center consulting, she grew tired of “leveraging synergies” and decided to return to the life of the mind. Her academic interests include language contact, variation, and change, and she […]

  • Linguistics Guru

    Masha Polinksy will be visiting the department for two weeks beginning January 13 as this year’s linguistics guru. She will be hanging out in Itamar’s office (Rosenwald 229D). Please stop by to say hi! If you want to meet with her to discuss your research, please e-mail her (mpolinsk<AT>gmail<DOT>com) directly to schedule an appointment.

  • Chicagoans head to LSA!

    Several Chicago linguists are presenting at the 89th annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America in Portland, Oregon. Congratulations to all! Asia Pietraszko “Discourse configurationality and agreement in Ndebele” Emily Hanink “The `Missing-P’ Phenomenon in German: Free Relatives are Super Light-headed” Alan Yu, Daniel Chen, Katie Franich, Yosh Halberstam, Jacob Phillips, & Betsy Pillion […]

  • Okrent on Listicle

    Arika Okrent (PhD ’04) on “The listicle as literary form” in the Jan/Feb 14 issue of the University of Chicago Magazine.