Month: February 2013

  • Baglini and Francez at WCCFL 31

    Rebekah Baglini and Itamar Francez presented at WCCFL 31 recently: Rebekah Baglini. Deriving target and resultant states Rebekah Baglini and Itamar Francez. The implications of managing Our alum, Mitcho Erlewine (B.A./M.A. 2007) was there as well!  

  • Chicagoans head to BLS

    Several Chicago linguists are presenting at the 39th annual meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society. Congratulations to all! Dorothea Hoffmann: Mapping words and mapping worlds: Frames of Reference in MalakMalak Martina Martinovic: The topic-comment structure in copular sentences: evidence from Wolof Chieu Nguyen: Quantification in the left periphery: the duality of universal quantification and contrastive […]