Month: January 2013

  • Cisneros co-authored journal publishing

    Congratulations to Carlos Cisneros for having a co-authored paper published in a journal recently!   Ivano Caponigro, Harold Torrence, Carlos Cisneros.  (2013).  “Free Relative Clauses in Two Mixtec Languages”.  International Jounal of American Linguistics 79(1): 61 – 96.

  • NSF grants to three faculty

    Diane Brentari has been awarded a five-year grant by the National Science Foundation for her project “The Typology of Handshape: Gesture, Homesign, and Sign Language“. Chris Kennedy and Ming Xiang have been awarded a three-year grant by the NSF for their project “Meaning in Context“. Congratulations!

  • Chicago Linguists heading to LSA in Boston

    The University of Chicago has another great showing at the annual meeting of the LSA (Boston) this year! The following papers were presented: Bert Vaux, Neil Myler, and Karlos Arregi: Number marking in Western Armenian: a non-argument for outwardly-sensitive phonologically conditioned allomorphy Rebekah Baglini: The lexical semantics of derived states  (Poster) Rebekah Baglini, Lenore Grenoble, and…

  • Welcome new first year graduate students!

    A big Windy City welcome all of our new first-year graduate students this year! With so many of them to get to know, here’s a little cheat sheet for you:   Ross Burkholder is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, where he studied Linguistics and German. Linguistically, he has many areas of interest,…