Month: February 2011

  • Congratulations, Julia!

    Congrats to Julia Thomas for successfully defending her qualifying paper, “Styeshifting in African American English: Theoretical Implications from a phonetic analysis of /ai/ monophthongization”!

  • More upcoming conference talks

    In addition to several BLS talks mentioned below, Chicago researchers will be presenting at a number of other upcoming conferences. At the upcoming (Feb 11) 16th Workshop on the Structure and Constituency of Languages of the Americas, Ryan Bochnak, Tim Grinsell, and Alan Yu will be presenting “Copula agreement and the stage-level/individual-level distinction in Washo”.…

  • Two Chicagoan Speakers at USC

    Professor Chris Kennedy will be giving a colloquium at the University of Southern California on Feb 22, on “The number of meanings of English number words”. He will be shortly followed by Chicago PhD student Max Bane, who will be giving his own colloquium at USC on Feb 25.

  • Alan Yu around the World

    Professor Alan Yu gave a research seminar recently (Feb 1) at the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The talk was titled “Individual variation in socio-cognitive processing and the actuation of sound change”. He will also be giving a colloquium at Carleton University, Ottawa on March 11 on…

  • Jason Merchant at MIT and Stanford this Spring

    Professor Jason Merchant will be giving an invited colloquium at MIT on March 11, and is also an invited speaker at a workshop on ellipsis at Stanford, this April 29-30. He doesn’t know yet what he’ll talking on at either place, but says it will probably be about gender features under ellipsis.