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Time for QP-fest!

This Wednesday and Thursday, all are invited to this year’s “QP-fest” (more formally known as the Graduate Student Miniconference in Linguistics).  Our annual exposition of qualifying-papers-in-progress will feature ground-breaking presentations by our second- and third-year graduate students. The two-day program includes:

Wednesday, March 10

1:30-­‐2:00 | Carissa Abrego-Collier: “Coarticulatory influence on perception of English liquids”

2:00-2:30 | Susan Rizzo: “Articulatory Phonetics in the Manual Modality: the Case of ASL Fingerspelling”

2:30-2:45 | break

2:45-3:15 | Martina Martinovic: “Neoštokavian pitch accents”

3:15-3:45 | Julia Thomas: “Style-shifting in African-American English: A Phonetic Analysis”

Thursday, March 11

9:00-9:30 | Peter Klecha: “Focus and verb copying in Luganda”

9:30-10:00 | Ryan Bochnak: “Exceed comparison in Luganda”

10:00-10:30 | Jonathan Keane: “A new look at Japanese scrambling”

10:30-10:45 | break

10:45-11:15 | Rebekah Baglini: “Getting it done: Telicity, incrementality, and causative event structure”

11:15-11:45 | Timothy Grinsell: “Vagueness in the grammatical perfective”

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