Month: March 2010

  • “Relatively” recent talk for CK

    If you had the feeling that something was missing a few weeks ago, perhaps it’s because Chris Kennedy was gone off to Germany at the end of last month at the 2010 Conference of the German Society for Linguistics (DGfS).  Chris gave a talk during that conference’s workshop on Subjective Meaning: Alternatives to Relativism, entitled “Where does […]

  • Time for QP-fest!

    This Wednesday and Thursday, all are invited to this year’s “QP-fest” (more formally known as the Graduate Student Miniconference in Linguistics).  Our annual exposition of qualifying-papers-in-progress will feature ground-breaking presentations by our second- and third-year graduate students. The two-day program includes: Wednesday, March 10 1:30-­‐2:00 | Carissa Abrego-Collier: “Coarticulatory influence on perception of English liquids” 2:00-2:30 | Susan Rizzo: […]