Super conference acceptances

Fourth-year Nassira Nicola recently learned some exciting news: the acceptance of her submission to the Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research (TISLR 10) in October at Purdue University.  She’ll be presenting her paper, “Re-Analyzing Plural Classifier Predicates in American Sign Language.” Congrats, Nassira!

Third-year grad Ryan Bochnak also has a poster acceptance to a big conference, this year’s Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT 20) in Vancouver, April 29-May 1. His poster is on “Quantity and gradability across categories.” Just a few days later, he’ll give a talk on “Exceed comparatives in Luganda” at the 41st Annual Conference on African Linguistics in Toronto, May 6-8.

[Update] And this just in:

Max Bane (Linguistics) and Morgan Sonderegger (Computer Science), along with Peter Graff (MIT, Linguistics) have been accepted to present a poster titled “Longitudinal phonetic variation in a closed system” at the 12th Conference on Laboratory Phonology (LabPhon 12), July 8-10 at the University of New Mexico.

Looking forward to hearing about these appearances!