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ICGL comes to Chicago

For the first time in its nine-year history, the annual meeting of the International Conference on Greek Linguistics will be hosted stateside, and the University of Chicago Department of Linguistics is proud to be the first American host for this important gathering!

The conference will take place on campus in the International House (on 59th Street) from October 29-31. Registration is free for ALL students, and talks (and Halloween candy!) should be plentiful.

Among the in-house presentations at ICGL are the following:

Eleni Staraki: Temporal anchoring in the DP: the case of na

Suwon Yoon: Metalinguistic comparatives from Greek to Korean

Anastasia Giannakidou & Stella Grylla: Intonation in Greek n-words

Jason Merchant: Ενας ψηλότερός της άντρας: Implications of clitic standards of comparison in Greek

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