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Alrenga to be Assistant Professor at Boston University

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Post-doc Pete Alrenga has accepted a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor in semantics at Boston University. Congratulations, Pete!

Fun, fun, fun: QP Fest next week

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Mark your calendar! This year’s QP-Fest will take place on March 16-17. The tentative program is as follows:

March 16 (Location: Harper 140)


Christina Weaver: Negation in Luganda


Nassira Nicola: Information Status and Sentence Structure in Home Sign


Arum Kang: The Role of Prosody in Semantic/Syntactic Disambiguation in Korean




Pat Rich: French expletive negation


Luisandro Mendes De Souza: Comparatives in Brazilian Portuguese and the Verbal Domain


Pete Klecha: The Modality of English Futures

March 17 (Location: Harper 130)


Andy Dombrowski: Albanian-Slavic Phonological Contact


Juan Bueno Holle: Reference-tracking in Isthmus Zapotec


Alice Lemieux: Washo Bipartite Stems




Max Bane: Grammatical Correlates of Variation in the English Dative Alternation


Yaron McNabb: Apparent pharyngealization in French loanwords in Moroccan Arabic


Susan Rizzo: Grandfather Effects and Derived Environment Effects in Harmonic Grammar


CLS 45: Get it while it’s hot

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

We’re proud to announce our program for the upcoming CLS 45 Conference, April 16-18, 2009, is now available. The program can be found on our website .

On the site you can also find pre-registration information; you can now pre-register online (payment must be mailed or hand-delivered by March 31). Registration is free to currently enrolled U of C students if they volunteer at the conference.

We’re looking forward to a great conference, and hope you are too!

-CLS 45

Keren Rice Colloquium Thursday

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

University of Chicago Linguistics Colloquium

Keren Rice, University of Toronto

What determines morpheme order in the Athapaskan verb?

March 5, 3:30-5:00pm, Cobb 201


The surface order of morphemes in the verb word of Athapaskan languages has traditionally been considered to be idiosyncratic, stipulated by a template. In Rice 2000 I argued that what I called semantic scope plays an important role in the ordering of morphemes. Here I extend the account of morpheme ordering in the verb word, focusing on a series of problems that arise if scope alone is involved. I argue that if phonological factors are also taken into account, a systematicity to the complexities of morpheme ordering in the verb emerges, with morphemes being segregated by their phonological shapes, and, within these phonologically determined groups, scope plays a major role in the ordering of morphemes. I examine the principles that control the ordering in light of recent claims that functional principles such as parsability are key to morpheme ordering.

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King to TULCon

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Ed King, one of our many talented undergraduates, will be presenting “Generation Effects on Vowel Production in Latvian-English Bilinguals in Chicago” at the Toronto Undergraduate Linguistics Conference (TULCon), March 27-29, 2009.