Chicagoans travel to Berkeley

The University of Chicago will be well represented at the upcoming annual meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, which will be held February 14-16, with several members of our department featured in the program.

Student presenters will include Ryan Bochnak, “Promiscuous modification and cross-categorical part structures”; Jasmin Urban, “A Modal Approach to Open Questions”; and Osamu Sawada and Thomas Grano, “Investigating an asymmetry in the semantics of Japanese measure phrases.”

Susan Goldin-Meadow and Amy Franklin (PhD, 2007) will present “Getting Ahead in Development: Multi-Modal Acquisition of Negation” (with Amy Franklin) and Alan Yu will also be presenting his work, “Tonal mapping in Cantonese vocative reduplication.”

See the BLS 35 website for details about the meeting program and abstracts.



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