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Busy Fall for Chicago East Asian Linguists

Tommy Grano and Eun Hae Park will be presenting at the Second International Conference on East Asian Linguistics, to be held in Vancouver in November:

  • Thomas Grano: Chang-Chang, Wang-Wang, and Domain Restriction in Mandarin Quantificational Adverbs
  • Eun-Hae Park: An Expressive Analysis of –na in Korean and its Free Choice Component

Eun-Hae, Osamu Sawada and Suwon Yoon will also present at the  18th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference, to be held at CUNY around the same time:

  • Eun-Hae Park: Low-level versus indiscriminate reading in Korean free choice amwu-na (poster)
  • Osamu Sawada: Comparison, indeterminateness, and the semantics-pragmatics interface (poster)
  • Suwon Yoon: Expletive negation in Japanese and Korean

Osamu will also be presenting “Comparison with indeterminateness: a multidimensional approach” at NELS 39 in November!

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