QP defense mania

As the Spring quarter comes to a close, we celebrate the many successfully defended QPs. Here’s the honor roll:

First QP

  • Max Bane: Modeling the Typology of Quantity-Insensitive Stress Systems.
  • Tommy Grano: At the intersection of form, meaning and use: Being assertive in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Arum Kang: On the plurality of the Extrinsic Plural Marker -TUL in Korean.
  • Yaron McNabb: Hebrew Coordinated Relative Clauses as a Window into the Nature of Resumption and Movement.
  • Nassira Nicola: Dire N’IMPORTE-Q”: Identifying a free choice item in Quebec Sign Language.

Second QP

  • Catherine Chatzopoulos: Negative Concord in Attic Greek.
  • James Kirby: Comparative-induced event measure relations in English and Vietnamese.
  • Osamu Sawada: The Historical Syntax of Japanese Comparatives.
  • Eleni Staraki: Turkish Loanwords in Modern Greek: A Psycholinguistic Approach.
  • Chris Straughn: The Development and Use of the Uzbek Complementizer.

Congratulations also to Jackie Bunting for successfully defending her dissertation proposal titled From English to Sranan: An Assessment of Structural Similarities and Differences. Good job, Jackie.